About Me

Capturing in images, 'moments' of life, what God has created in, around, and through YOU, for your joy, pleasure and remembrance !

I have loved photography from my mid teenage years when my Dad bought me a darkroom kit and a camera on my 15th Birthday. My love of the ministry, science, engineering and God's creation all contribute to who I am and all that I do.  My desire is to capture the moments of life that make the world a better place and give you picturesque memories  of your life experiences, all of them for you and to pass on to your loved ones.


I am a graduate of the Lincoln University of Pennsylvania (B.A.) and Pittsburgh Theological Seminary (M. Div.).I also did Doctoral studies at the University of Pittsburgh.  I also possess a background in Science, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Technology and a love for Photography.  An educator, I have taught High School Chemistry and Physics and spent ten years as an Adjunct Professor at Geneva College and 16 years as Adjunct Professor at the University of Pittsburgh.  All of this, I bring to my photographic work and artistry.  I am a Renaissance man in the 21st century...

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